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Children of the TARDIS

A child-friendly fan community for Doctor Who and its spinoffs

Children of the TARDIS: a child-friendly fan place
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A child-friendly fan community for Doctor Who and its spinoffs
Welcome to Children of the TARDIS. Know a child you'd love to introduce to Doctor Who fandom? Tired of wading through long lists of inappropriate material to find something suitable? This is the place for G and PG-rated fan fiction, images, icons, and discussions you can share with your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and young friends.

Feel free to post stories, pictures, and videos or start discussions from all aspects of Doctor Who fandom, including Classic Who, New Who, Sarah Jane Adventures, and Torchwood, as long as they are rated G or PG. Stories and art made by children are especially welcome.


The basic rule is KEEP IT CLEAN. Keep everything at a G or PG rating. This includes postings, comments and user pics. Don't link to anything that isn't G or PG rated.

For the purposes of this community, G is defined as "the level of content seen on Sarah Jane Adventures." In other words no swearing, death, serious injury, or sex. PG is defined as "the level of content seen on the New Doctor Who." In other words mild swearing only, non-graphic descriptions of death and injury allowed, and sexual relationships referred to in mild terms but not shown or discussed in detail. Label all posts G or PG in the tagline.

No bashing of anybody, including characters, members, or people associated with the shows. It's all right to criticize behavior, but not all right to bash. Saying "I hate it when Donna yells at people" is okay. Saying "I hate Donna" is not okay.

No links to illegal uploads. Let's not get in trouble with the US courts.

Please do not post the full real names or Real Life contact information of children. Let's keep everyone safe.

EPISODE NIGHT REACTION POSTS: It's fun to talk about an episode right after it airs. In order to make that easier for everyone, the mods will put up a reaction post for that purpose right before an episode of Doctor Who or Sarah Jane Adventures airs for the first time in Britain. If you are commenting on that episode on that night, please use that post. There will also be a review post. Please link to child-friendly reviews by adding them to the comments of the review post.

For the convenience of those with slow connections, please put all images, videos, and posts longer than 200 words under an lj-cut You can post up to three icon pictures above the post as teasers.

Fanfic is welcome and encouraged. For the convenience of fanfic readers, please use headers. Here's a sample header:

Title/Series Info:
Pairing [if any - genfic always welcome!]
Rating: G or PG
Author's Notes:

The template is not mandatory, and you can add or subtract headers as you wish. Please remember to indicate if your fic contains spoilers for particular episodes, particularly when we are mid-season.

Members who don't follow the rules will be warned. Repeat offenders will be lose their membership. Let's keep this a fun place for children and the adults who like them.