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Title/Series Info: 11th doctor, related to the first episode
Pairing non (gen)
Rating: G
Spoilers: not really -- it's AU
Summary: What if the Doctor had said yes, and took little Amelia Pond 'five minutes' into the future?
Author's Notes: This is my 1st Doctor Who story. :D

Amelia Pond’s Five Minute AdventureCollapse )

Fish Stories: Two Half Drabbles

Title: Fish Stories: Two Half Drabbles
Character/Pairing: Ten
Rating: G
Summary: The Doctor is looking for a fun day.
Disclaimer: Based on characters owned and created by BBC, used without permission

Author's Notes: Okay - this will take more words to explain than the fic itself. I was helping out at school and they were use the game "Fish Stories" to write a story. My son was having none of this so, I wrote a couple of examples for him. The prompt works like: this pull eight words (2 verbs, 2 nouns, 2 adverbs, 2 adjectives) and write a story about them. Since this is grade 4 a "story" = a paragraph plus a picture. (No, I didn't do the picture.) So here they are 2 pulls, 2 paragraphs. Prompts are shown before each.

Prompt 1: glow, help, turtle, butterfly, rarely, speedily, fun, silly,

The TARDIS console glowed a brighter green as it landed speedily. The Doctor rarely got to visit a planet without having to help someone. Today, he put on a silly grin and hoped for some fun. However, once he got outside he found himself settling a conflict between talking turtles and giant butterflies.

Prompt 2: shiny, visit, whisper, snake, pond, normally, freshly, salty

Freshly from his visit to the turtle/butterfly planet, the Doctor wanted to visit some place quiet. He landed near a shiny pond which was salty from the nearby sea. The wind whispered through the leaves of a nearby tree where a large snake was coiled. Normally, this is when something would go wrong. The Doctor half expected the snake to declare world domination. But it merely blinked at him and went to sleep.

Doing the Dalek for Marcon

After seeing the post in here by mothernatureiam, my wife and I decided to take a stab at making a Dalek costume to compliment the TARDIS costume a friend of ours was making for MARCON. I blithely ignored the fact that her post starts with "For 3 months..." thinking it was a costume that could be banged out in a week or two. Technically, it took us just under two weeks to make this, but it was some long hours indeed. My wife started by cutting up enough 3 Inch styrofoam balls to be our dots. Then she covered the halves with two coats of modge podge to smooth out the surface some. Next, was two coats of silver craft paint.

The next big hurdle was designing the lower skirt. We didn't want to use just two panels on the front, but instead wanted something that closely resembled the 6 panel front end of the Daleks on the show. The problem was, those panels would not have a single right angle in them, making them virtually impossible to cut correctly on the first go. What I ended up doing was taking some 1/4" graph paper and then drawing out the shape of the top and bottom of the skirt and the 'cap' pieces that the vertical pieces would connect to, and basically doing some geometry to figure out angles and lengths. My wife did most of that from the drawing, and then we confirmed our math when we drew out the actual full sized pieces. For the record, if you're going to cut a lot of foam core board, get one of the Xacto foam board cutting tools. That and a good, long straight edge were invaluable in the drawing and cutting process, as well as having a good seat of rulers. Once the top and bottom of the skirt were drawn, my wife re-did the math, varified the shapes of the 6 front panels and cut them out. Once the base plate of the skirt was cut, we just cut out the smaller top panel of the skirt from the bottom panel piece, this giving us a start for where the girls could put their feet through the bottom of the skirt. I also drew an octagon in the top of the top skirt piece, as that was going to be the shape of the shoulder section. We could not do circular foam board, so we decided an octagon was close enough. With all the main skirt panel pieces cut, we also cut a second copy of the top skirt panel piece, so we could better dissassemble the dalek for transport.
Image Heavy description belowCollapse )

My daughters had an absolute blast in the costume. We got second place overall for Hall costumes, losing out to a master costumer with a Blink Angel outfit. They wandered around for most of the day, with a speaker toy that shouted various Dalek lines, and many people thought the costume was a voice controlled robot or remote controlled toy untill my girls spoke up from inside. Well worth the effort! The only shame is that we'll probably only get another year, maybe two out of it, because they are growing so fast.

Some other tidbits.. I put in several pieces of 1/4" squared dowel rod on the inside of the skirt, on top of the base plate, to give some extra support to the base. There were 7 furniture casters on the bottom of the foam board base, and my wife sewed a 3" fabric skirt around the base, to hide the casters. We used velcro to attach the casters to the base, but the stresses from moving around caused the casters to come loose, partiuclarly when turning quickly. We figure that if we glued the casters to a small square of foam board, and velcroed the foam board to the base skirt, we'll do better. (Why did we have to velcro the casters on? because if the skirt was any taller, it would not have fit into the back of our station wagon, making transport impossible)

Overall? A challenging project, but a lot of fun, and well worth the reaction we got from everyone. Not bad for Foam core board, styrofoam, hot glue, and some dowels and paint. 8)

Fanart by Keely (age 11)

Yesterday was my birthday and this was my present from my kids. My daughter was the one that drew it, but my oldest son (who has Asperger's) proudly said that he let her use his markers to draw it (no one is aloud to touch his markers, so that was a big deal).

We're in the states, so the kids googled for a picture of the Union Flag to put into the drawing *grin*
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Cover Art

I made cover art for Prim's stories. =)
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Cyberman spotted at Pinewood Derby 2009!


Ok, so Pinewood Derby has come and gone. As with last year, my son's car has a Dr. Who theme. This year he didn't place well enough to go to District level, but 4th is nothing to sneeze at! He did the majority of the car all by himself  (except for the cutting which we were more concerned with him loosing a finger than cutting the car, so Dad did that part).  I helped him draw the image, and he transferred it to his car, then went over it with a black sharpie so that it stood out against the background. It is still the classic “wedge” shape, but the paint is metallic so it really gives the illusion that it is metal.


I thought I would share it with you all!

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Hello! I have a scribble!

Fic: "I Know What You Are"

Title: "I Know What You Are"
Author: dameruth
Characters/pairings: Doctor (Nine or Ten), Rose, Jack
Word count: 310
Rating: G
Warnings: None unless you haven't seen the "Twilight" trailer, and I doubt anyone on the face of the earth has escaped that . . .
Disclaimer: None of it's mine but the fluff.
Summary: A humorous crossover I just couldn't resist.  I can see it taking place with either Nine (in canon) or Ten (if you want to go AU with it).

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SJA - Writing to the whole cast and crew?

Does anyone have an address to write to the whole cast and crew of The Sarah Jane Adventures?

Thanks in advance!

Halloween 2008

Halloween 2008
Hello. Thought I might share some pics from Halloween with everyone. As you know, my son was officially Dalek Sec for Halloween. His costume (the one that took months and months to make) would not fit in the classrooms at school (they parade in and out of all the classrooms before going outside to parade around the school) so he decided to be 7 while in school.

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