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Fish Stories: Two Half Drabbles

Title: Fish Stories: Two Half Drabbles
Character/Pairing: Ten
Rating: G
Summary: The Doctor is looking for a fun day.
Disclaimer: Based on characters owned and created by BBC, used without permission

Author's Notes: Okay - this will take more words to explain than the fic itself. I was helping out at school and they were use the game "Fish Stories" to write a story. My son was having none of this so, I wrote a couple of examples for him. The prompt works like: this pull eight words (2 verbs, 2 nouns, 2 adverbs, 2 adjectives) and write a story about them. Since this is grade 4 a "story" = a paragraph plus a picture. (No, I didn't do the picture.) So here they are 2 pulls, 2 paragraphs. Prompts are shown before each.

Prompt 1: glow, help, turtle, butterfly, rarely, speedily, fun, silly,

The TARDIS console glowed a brighter green as it landed speedily. The Doctor rarely got to visit a planet without having to help someone. Today, he put on a silly grin and hoped for some fun. However, once he got outside he found himself settling a conflict between talking turtles and giant butterflies.

Prompt 2: shiny, visit, whisper, snake, pond, normally, freshly, salty

Freshly from his visit to the turtle/butterfly planet, the Doctor wanted to visit some place quiet. He landed near a shiny pond which was salty from the nearby sea. The wind whispered through the leaves of a nearby tree where a large snake was coiled. Normally, this is when something would go wrong. The Doctor half expected the snake to declare world domination. But it merely blinked at him and went to sleep.


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